1. AI - Marc Garrett

  2. Hell is for Children - Edric Chen


  3. Anonymous said: How are you doing with that new guy of yours?

    We just hit our 7 month mark, I adore him more than anyone else in my life, my puppies love him and he loves them. He is kind and considerate and makes me laugh my ass off. I don’t know how long an old bird like me can hold onto a young hot super nice stud like him, but I raised the bar pretty high and I am just enjoying life with him and I refuse to let fears of insecurity ruin this chapter in my life. Thank you for asking.

  4. Actually one of my mothers favorite films, and I have watched it with her many times.


    Sirkian Portrait

    (tribute to Director Douglas Sirk and his unique B/w films that were dwarfed by his complex sentimental yet formally beautiful and rigorous Color melodramas; the most sublime being the great masterpiece, “Imitation Of Life,” which is one of those films you have to see to believe.)

  5. You saved me - Aeric Meredith -Goujon

  6. The Pearl Necklace series - Kristen Wrzesniewski


  7. Once I went to Jamaica all by myself to work on self portraits using a Sears 35 mm, and 7 mp Olympus, and a Fuji Point and shoot. I’m craving that alone with my camera time in strange beautiful places again. 

  8. The animal among us - Henry Gaudier-Greene

  9. Bloody Hell fantastic

    Michelle and I, reference image - Fox Harvard, Art by Terby Wonder


    better scan ( have to stop putting wet shit on my scanner)refrenced a fox harvard foto


  10. Your life is forever on the web after Submit/Post

    Occasionally I see images pop up on my dash from my old erotic tumblr, since I seem to follow like minded curators it’s not uncommon, It just takes me off guard, there is nothing I can do about it, even though I deleted the orig posted material and the entire blog in one swift click, these images will forever live on the web. Today, what I considered my favorite image from that chapter of my life popped up. I am not moved in any particular emotional way, I don’t miss him, I might miss the act of capturing that sort of material, and working on the mood and all the little post production details. Despite the fact that I created images that I never thought I would have regret for, since I assumed that would be my last relationship ever, and had to delete a years worth of work and labor, I do have the comfort that It helped push myself creatively and technically.

    But old images popping up unexpectedly are a clear reminder that what ever you are doing /posting now or in the past is forever, even if you can’t see past the present moment.


  11. Anonymous said: Ok. I talk about the pics posted in august 2014, you in front of a field of corn

    Fuji X Pro 1


  12. Anonymous said: Hi Tanya ! I´d like to know which camera did you use when you took the pics in post 95101491076. The quality is brilliant, although taking pics under this conditions (probably noon, hard sunlight) is not easy. Thanks in advance for answering.

    desribe the image, those #’s are not recognizable?

  13. Fox Harvard with Michelle and bottom Reference artist yuji moriguchi

  14. The grain beneath my skin - Justine Marie

  15. The Beginning of Mod - Henry Gaudier-Greene