1. rickposton:

    Tanya Dakin - I want a new tour bus full of old guitars - NYC

    © Rick Poston


  2. Anonymous said: So I just read that post about you being in your 40's. Wow... I never would have guessed. You are remarkable. So youthful and beautiful.

    Getting carded is my #1 turn on ;)

  3. justanothersearcher:


    Pink Sushi Series - Steve Prue /Teamrockstarimages.com

    39th Birthday shoot W/ Steve P.

    MUA and Wardrobe styling by me, Food styling and back drop by Steve Prue.

    I love it when I discover new knowledge.  Any day I learn something new is a great day.  Today’s new discovery is NOT Tanya Dakin; I’ve followed her work the past few months on other photographers sites.  However, today I learned she is in her FORTIES!  Really?  I steal an observation from Corwin Prescott…”she’s discovered the fountain of youth.”  Lovely lady and lovely art.


  4. rickposton:

    Tanya Dakin - It’s like the bottom of the ninth - NYC

    © Rick Poston


  5. formandpressure said: Thanks to people like you, people like me are able to explore artistic creativity with an unashamed sense of collaboration. Thank you for your contributions to art. You burn so brightly.

    Thank you so much for your letter, it’s only a few bad apples that jeopardize the relationship between the artist and muse/subject and risk that trust that may cause a jaded community and pollute and prevent the real creatives to flourish. What I’m saying is models/muses are being taken for granted and mis used more than often in my community, and that shit is what’s gonna ruin it fur everyone. Referring to my last post.

    I’m hope you get to encounter someone who inspires you before everyone is stifled by mistrust.


  6. You give an inch and people try to take a mile.

    I notice that models who don’t care to share certain parts of their bodies publicly, or shave certain areas, are always getting mail/asks about why and when and if. mostly by Anon’s, because god forbid you put a persona next to your inquiries. I wasn’t always comfortable with showing certain angles of my VAGINA, don’t call it anything but that, because for me YOU need to have an established relationship to call it anything but that. Why is it when you hold back that one thing, people/strangers are compelled to push and pester about what ever it is, it could be your pinky finger and people would request and nag about why you won’t or when will you show your Pinky! Christ, if you want body parts on demand then take your cheap ass to the cam girls rooms and cough up the tokens to get said kicks off, These girls and myself are artist, we portray what we are comfortable with at that moment in our lives. We are not fucking vending machines to your desires, go to the porn sites for that, that’s right, go risk your history and work browsing cookies and stop hiding behind the gray face of Anonymity and requesting nude models to make it feel personal and special for you, you are NOT special, you are the onlooker that we chose to share with, you do not dictate our choices, and we are not here to fulfill your taboos. You know very well you could find a boat load of what it is that you desire to see anywhere on the web, but for some reason you persist to request and impose that of those who do not want to share certain things with the public, so that you can feel closer to them. 

    I’m here to tell you, you are what is called CREEPY.

  7. Only a few people actually “get me” - Henry Gaudier-Greene

  8. rickposton:

    Tanya Dakin - Yeah, I’d rather be with you - NYC

    © Rick Poston

  9. Cotton Club - Magness Von Doom / http://amansruin.tumblr.com/


  10. sex-art-passion said: You're such a beautiful woman, I am memorized , can't look away haha. Great pics, great face! Cheers, Dave

    thank you

  11. Eden - Bryce G

  12. The Salmon dye chart - Marc Garrett

  13. Picnic - Fox Harvard

  14. BTS with Magness Von Doom by Henry Gaudier-Greene

  15. The beginning of Mod - Henry Gaudier-Greene

    Part of a Mod project that Henry and I have been sitting on for about 2 years now. we will be slowly releasing the film and instants from this project that we will also eventually self publish for ourselves, and perhaps make available for purchase if anyone is interested.