1. sub-section asked: It's so much fun to scroll through the different shades of presence and attitude you and your collaborators bring to life in still images. Especially love the one in the Fox Harvard set where you're walking away from the viewer like you're tropical storm Tanya needing to impose destruction on the town.

    Lol, I def take on personas that are appropriate to my idea of each character or theme that I portray in these images. The Tropical Storm set was created out if a stereotype of a Russian sex worker and an assassin.


  2. newthing9 asked: sexy lady


  3. Dirty chores - Tomi Knox

  4. Tropical Storm - Fox Harvard

  5. Knock Out - Chip Willis

  6. sometimes it would be nice to live the life that I portray in these little scenes for longer than a shutter snap.

    Self  - High Falls NY escape

  7. Nena -

    Kristen Wrzesniewski


  8. Piano Fingers - Aeric Meredith-Goujon

  9. Without a Parachute

    Coney Island - Aeric Meredith-Goujon

  11. Valley of the dolls - George Pitts


  12. creepy-old-guy asked: I really dig your stuff. Thank you for being you.

    thank you!

  13. Your Mothers Best Friend - George Pitts

  14. My daydreams became your reality - © April-lea Hutchinson

  15. I waited far too long for you to come along © April-lea Hutchinson