1. So I’m turning 44 in about 2 months - April L Hutchinson

  2. Samples from Saturday with April in NYC, This is our 9th Shoot!


    My amazing shoot with my dear friend Tanya yesterday … She’s so beautiful and incredible . Love you Tanya xo

  3. Confessions of an Opium Eater - Henry Gaudier-Greene


  4. lolo-and-lola said: hii, us again. Is there a place we can see your photography or are they tagged here? Thanks. - lolo for lolo and lola. p.s your answer to our previous question makes complete sense, I suspected as much.

    Absolutely, you will see lots of correlation between my work, self portraits and the way I shoot other people.



  5. lolo-and-lola said: Dear Ms. Dakin, I think you are one of those extremely rare models that makes all of your photographers look more conceptual and you bring out their very best. It's almost a muse like quality in the shots, like the photog has to reach for them. I have only seen this in a couple other models. Layer on your unapologetic sexuality and you bring something so different and appealing. We sure hope we got to work with you at some point. -lolo for lolo & lola

    You guys say the nicest things, really.

    I am usually the one with the concepts, styling and mood ideas, I pull those pieces together with select photographers that I feel can render them as close to my vision as possible. I focus on the photographers strong points and the results usually favor what I was going for. I also use this same process when shooting models myself, just the other way around.

  6. AI - Marc Garrett

  7. Hell is for Children - Edric Chen


  8. Anonymous said: How are you doing with that new guy of yours?

    We just hit our 7 month mark, I adore him more than anyone else in my life, my puppies love him and he loves them. He is kind and considerate and makes me laugh my ass off. I don’t know how long an old bird like me can hold onto a young hot super nice stud like him, but I raised the bar pretty high and I am just enjoying life with him and I refuse to let fears of insecurity ruin this chapter in my life. Thank you for asking.

  9. Actually one of my mothers favorite films, and I have watched it with her many times.


    Sirkian Portrait

    (tribute to Director Douglas Sirk and his unique B/w films that were dwarfed by his complex sentimental yet formally beautiful and rigorous Color melodramas; the most sublime being the great masterpiece, “Imitation Of Life,” which is one of those films you have to see to believe.)

  10. You saved me - Aeric Meredith -Goujon

  11. The Pearl Necklace series - Kristen Wrzesniewski


  12. Once I went to Jamaica all by myself to work on self portraits using a Sears 35 mm, and 7 mp Olympus, and a Fuji Point and shoot. I’m craving that alone with my camera time in strange beautiful places again. 

  13. The animal among us - Henry Gaudier-Greene

  14. Bloody Hell fantastic

    Michelle and I, reference image - Fox Harvard, Art by Terby Wonder


    better scan ( have to stop putting wet shit on my scanner)refrenced a fox harvard foto


  15. Your life is forever on the web after Submit/Post

    Occasionally I see images pop up on my dash from my old erotic tumblr, since I seem to follow like minded curators it’s not uncommon, It just takes me off guard, there is nothing I can do about it, even though I deleted the orig posted material and the entire blog in one swift click, these images will forever live on the web. Today, what I considered my favorite image from that chapter of my life popped up. I am not moved in any particular emotional way, I don’t miss him, I might miss the act of capturing that sort of material, and working on the mood and all the little post production details. Despite the fact that I created images that I never thought I would have regret for, since I assumed that would be my last relationship ever, and had to delete a years worth of work and labor, I do have the comfort that It helped push myself creatively and technically.

    But old images popping up unexpectedly are a clear reminder that what ever you are doing /posting now or in the past is forever, even if you can’t see past the present moment.