1. I waited far too long for you to come along © April-lea Hutchinson


  2. tmfman asked: Dam I have honestly never been in so much total awwwww I am having such a hard time to say exactly what you and your work do the feeling I get like I just had the definition of pure raw beauty stare me in the eye it kind of scares me you are truely

    I’m staring the lens right in the eye, it’s just a little circle I get lost in, there is nothing to fear, it’s just a snapshot of time, sometimes it tells the truth and sometimes it lies.


  3. permaculture-porn asked: You are so beautiful. Such lucky photographers! You'd be fun to shoot.

    Thank you, I’m lucky to know so many great photographers and artist, but I also try to bring more than appearance to the table.


  4. itsallmakebelieveandflowers asked: I'm sorry to hear of your separation. I'm glad you've moved on to someone that treats you better. :)

    I’m happy and without conditions right now.
    Thank you.


  5. lessthanfocused asked: You are seriously the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!


  6. I want to be the trouble you can’t stay out of.

    © April-lea Hutchinson

  7. Good girls say maybe - © April-lea Hutchinson

  8. On an endless moon © April-lea Hutchinson

  9. © April-lea Hutchinson

    (Source: hotdarkness, via porn4ladies)

  10. I’ll hold on tight when you hit the gas -© April-lea Hutchinson

  11. My life just gets better and more adorable by the month. 2 reasons my heart is a puddle.


  12. I’m on vacation for the next week

    I’ll be posting very little while I am at home acclimating my new puppy with the rest of the pack.

  13. The 20’s in B/W - Henry Gaudier-Greene


  14. filmnoire asked: i smile everytime an image of you appears on my dash. you're exquisite tanya dakin.

    thank you, keep smiling!


  15. Anonymous asked: Just a quick comment, I have admired your work for sometime, you are an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing. Jack

    Thanks Jack