1. A mans Ruin - Magness  http://amansruin.tumblr.com/


  2. sons-of-an-orgasm said: You are such an inspiration, I really love your work.

    If anything , I hope to inspire! thank you.

  3. Cotton Club - Magness  http://amansruin.tumblr.com/


  4. Anonymous said: Whose blood are you drinking to look like that at your age?

    A little Photoshop, good light, puppy lovin, lack of religion, tobacco and soda and alcohol. :)

  5. Malpeque - Self Series 2014

  6. This weekend with my baby.

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  7. go-captain-wihte-lion said: Very nice Profile, hello my Name is Nicolas i find YOU intressting Maby we whrite a liitle. I want meet the very intressting Person behind Of Profile

    All you need to know is right here.

  8. Fox Fashion Erotica in Bleu - April L Hutchinson


  9. lasciviousseed said: You are so alluring. Each pose or scenario. So beautiful. Seductive. Stylish. I adore your pictures.

    thank you so much, for lovely compliments with a real profile.

  10. Crack of Dawn , lol - Thinking of Chip today

    Chip Willis

  11. Winter is Coming - Chip Willis / Columbus OH

  12. I dress up in his clothing left behind and do flirty sexy self series.. but it’s mostly just the bare me and no characters yet.

    He has followed all of my other faces for 3 years previously….I would hope this version of me feels more genuine and the other girls can wait a little while.

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  13. The Beginning of Mod - Henry Gaudier-Greene


  14. accomplicerex said: You've probably answered this question before, but I'm in my phone and can't search your archive. What's your ethnic background? I keep wondering about it when I see your face on my feed.

    1/2 Chinese
    1/4 Greek
    1/4 Italian

  15.  Weather the storm with you - Self series 2014