1. Bangers and Mash on film - George Pitts

  2. And the rest is history - George Pitts

  3. A little squeeze - George Pitts

  4. Cotton Club - Magness

  5. Very important PSA

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  6. Approach

  7. Free agent - Magness


  8. "I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist"

    Edric Chen

  9. Coming


  10. wiln2licku said: Hi. In the pic you posted georgesmiley: the photog appears to be naked. It seems counter to how I would think a photography session should work, but it's not a topic I'm fully understanding of. Enlighten me?

    He’s a nudist in his private life, I have never shot with a nudist before, as long as he didn’t get a boner, I have no qualms about it, considering before I knew him in person I only knew his work and references from other models. He handled it very maturely, before I arrived at his location he was fully dressed and we discussed my comfort and willingness to the matter, also there was always another model in the room if not 2. I don’t welcome male photogs being nude at my shoots, but the two times I did, it was his home and handled appropriately with respect.

  11. Happy Birthday Rick, I miss you.

    Rick Ochoa

    Come celebrate Ricks Life, work and music tonight at

    Jacob’s art space in Williamsburg, 132 bedford ave, very near the bedford L train stop. NYC Brooklyn. 6PM doors open.

  12. Hurry home baby

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  13. A road less traveled - Edric chen


  14. All that class in one little pinky - Justine Marie


  15. thliii:

                                                Barefoot Royal

    Model/Stylist/Mentor: The Uncanny Tanya Dakin

    Theodore Lewis  Prints  Instagram