1. Land Mermaid - © April-lea Hutchinson


  2. Halfway Heart - Sean A Scott / http://subliminalblackthoughts.tumblr.com/


  3. Anonymous said: I would first to say I think you are absolutely, undeniably heart pounding beautiful 💗! Also when is your birthday? And are you really 44? And last how do you feel about pics of your feet? If you are not offended would you post some pics of them? From what I have seen they are beautiful but then again every inch of you can only be described as breathtaking 😍Ty in advance for your time and response and I hope I have not offended you because that was not my intention

    Thank you, I am 43 and I turn 44 on Dec 5th.

    I do not favor my feet, and I have a hard time connecting with the notion that other people are drawn to feet in particularly, since I see them as mutated hands. you can go through my archives and look for foot pics, this is the only one that comes to mind where they are very obvious.

  4. The sun on my lips, the groove in my hips -

    © April-lea Hutchinson


  5. Ride It on - Edric Chen

  6. Ruby - © April-lea Hutchinson



  7. With gorgeous ladies, go check it out, Perhaps you are “Halcyon Vault Girl” quality or you just like to appreciate stunning women in amazing quality photos, and videos. I’m attaching my set of course ;)

  8. Hot Coffee - © April-lea Hutchinson



  9. logicalphalus said: At first when I heard you insisted on control over the end product of your shoots I was put off, I'll admit this. However having followed your blog now for - god the better part of a year I think - I can see why. It shows that every one of your pictures are at least good. Some amazing (I bought one, intend one acquiring another). Some exquisite. When I get a decent camera, light setup and some decent references, I'd love to have you guide the final result of my shoot of you. Long way off though.

    lol You are aware my age, this face is on borrowed time with help from a Photoshop fairy ;)

    You don’t need a light set up or an expensive camera to get a great shot, in fact I prefer to be shot in natural light. A good model knows how to find her own light.

    I have become the subject of my own art direction, which is why I am so hands on and controlling over a shoot from beginning to end, I am not just a subject to shoot, I am the stylist, I am the location scout, I am the art director, I am the editor, I am the post production artist, and finally I love to title the images that drove me so hard in the 1st place.

    I am not being egotistical, this is actually how I work now, and if photographers and other artist want to be part of solid polished cohesive images for their port then they let go and let me, It’s not about being in control so much as it’s about being on the same side to create the best image possible.

    I have been shooting self portraits since I was 14, and modeling since 2001, I think I have a little edge. I think when models come to me and request a shoot it’s because they know I will handle their image with the same care I handle my very own. There is comfort in that.

    1 person at a time I have been mentoring, there is a lot to learn, and I don’t need to keep all this knowledge to myself, I just chose my next Mentor-ee this week, and I am very excited about the future work we will do.

    Let me know if you are local to Phila, and when you think you are ready. You don’t have to shoot models to shoot me, I prefer people that have an eye for landscapes, street and Architecture. I f you can nail your exposure I can help you drive the rest.

  10. All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men„„,



    © April-lea Hutchinson


  11. danielgreyphotography said: Hey Tanya, no ask just a tell. I admire your ability to relay innocence in your photos. It makes you cute, even while maintaining an underlying sultriness. I guess I'm simply admiring the essence of your femininity. Enjoy your day friend.

    Thank you so much, being able to convey innocence is a touchy subject with me, my past/ adolescence hasn’t really afforded me to actually hold on to it in real life, more like hurry up and grow up and understand how cruel life can be, the span of time I actually got to hold on to conventional innocence was very brief.  I have been told that I was not a sweet person in past relationships, being able to at least hold on to the expression and my idea of it is all I really have left of it. a bit longer than just saying thank you, I know. But I enjoy embracing and sharing all forms of femininity, thank you for noticing.

  12. Real Time - #cub

  13. Under the EL - Edric Chen

  14. Royal Blue - Theodore Lewis


  15. soamused:


    © April-lea Hutchinson