1. I’m going to the barber in about 2 hours, and I am antsy about the whole thing, I have had hair struggles since I have been 10 I have been dealing with and fighting Trichotillomania, which is classified as an impulse control disorder by DSM-IV, is the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair leading to noticeable hair loss, distress, and social or functional impairment.

    I have worn wigs from the age of 18-30 and since 30 I have had it under a reasonable amount of control, I have had my head shaved and a Mohawk in the past few years to keep it under better control from pulling or dealing with spots I have created. But the Winter time is always the hardest, I spend too much time indoors and sometimes yes in front of the tv, and I go into a trance like state and just pull out of seeking relaxation.

    I’m not perfect, and it’s partly why I model, and partly why you see me in so many wigs, I have woven my lemons into part of my exhibition.

    I have done a real bang up job this winter on my hair, actually it’s been a bad year all together since last spring stress wise. So today I go in and see what my lady barber can do with what I got left, sometimes I wait too long out of shame, and disappointment, Like I know she’s not going to be mad that I made all these bald spots, but I hate making her job hard, and I guess I just get disappointed in myself, and read it on other people as a reflection.

    So today my options are

    Shave it all off and start over.


    An asymmetrical Thompson twins 80’s new wave type of style shaved on one side.

    I just needed to vent that and stop carrying it around on the inside.

    No matter what you know there will be pics to come, cuz I can’t help myself.

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  2. hazyleaf said: I say shave it completely off, you have the face to pull it off… You’re beautiful.
  3. parkland said: THOMPSON TWINS FTW!!!
  4. chehalemphoto said: Thanks for sharing. Mental health issues are so stigmatized that it can be difficult to talk about them openly - which tends to mean those of us with MH issues have a difficult time seeking treatment. I appreciate your honesty - and you look great!
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  6. fifithatchickoverthere said: Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve had it since I was an toddler. I used to pull out my hair. And, as I got older, it switched to my eyelashes. Like you, modeling has helped me a lot with it. But, I do keep a set of lashes in case.
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